Over the past few years, it has been so delightful to meet people from far off places by way of this blog.  My name is Jeanne and here is a little of my background.

Life for all of us is a journey that wends its way in and out of so many experiences until we find its major theme and follow it.  For me, it seemed to begin in a sunny summer school classroom where I first fell in love with French accents and all things French.  The teacher was really from France and he called me the Wigton honey with a real French accent.  Not long after, I got my first penpal and began my journey into exploring language and culture.  Somewhere along the way, I found God and my life’s apparently lackluster path became alive with color.

I didn’t end up teaching French, but I did end up marrying and becoming both a mom (my two darling daughters are grown now and out on their own) and a teacher of English to international students at a university near our home.  Currently, I have a part time job teaching English as a second language at a local community college.  My students all seem like my children.  They have qualities that are very endearing to me.  A few of them can be a bit pesty at times, but God’s life is always there, perhaps hidden, but there all the same.

I love teaching ESL.  It has been a wonderful privilege to learn about the rich diversity of cultures in my classroom.  God has many sides to His amazing nature and He shows it in the seemingly infinite variety of peoples and cultures of this world.  It’s like a rainbow of different qualities, a kaleidoscope of color that shows me the wonderful and different hues in God’s beautiful kingdom.

It is my hope that the experiences that God continues to give me can somehow uplift my readers and enrich their lives in some way.  I would wish that everyone could have a closer relationship with God who loves us very dearly.  God’s Holy Bible inspires me and gives me a reason for my life on this earth.  It shows me the way and keeps  me on the path that He has set out for me.  It corrects me when I’m wrong and teaches me how to live right.  Thank God!!!  So, no matter where you are on your life journey with God, I hope that you can find something in here to brighten your day.

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  1. How lovely that you always find the good in your pupils , I am a great believer in this outlook , it can make such a difference in a person’s life when someone goes to the trouble of seeking out the good in another instead of accepting that what they get on any one day is the full picture.


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