The Kingdom of Heaven is within!

I have a relative that lives on an island in the Caribbean.  He has often said that he lives in paradise.  During the night on Tuesday, his paradise was demolished.  He lost everything but his dog and his life.  We are extremely grateful that his life was spared.

Many stories emerged this week that make it abundantly clear that the earthly places that we equate with paradise can be destroyed.  However, the true paradise, the Kingdom of Heaven, will never be destroyed.  If it dwells within you, it is your life and can never be taken from you no matter the circumstances.

It will be like the house built upon the rock.  When wind and storm and rain beat against it, nothing, no storm and no attack from hell, can tear it down.

A Cold and Snowy Winter


This winter is keeping us on our prayer toes. Three consecutive Monday snow storms. So far I have missed teaching all three Mondays of my Monday/Wednesday evening class. That means nine hours of teaching time lost.  Even though it’s troublesome, the snow is beautiful. Perhaps these are some of the treasures of snow that God has reserved against the time of trouble. (Job 38 22) It is certainly unusual for us to have such a consistantly cold winter like this.