God is practical.

You know, God is a very practical person.  You know that he is by the way He created this world.  He put everything in it that a human being needs in order to live and He also put the right things in the right place.  He put polar bears in the arctic and giraffes in Africa.  He didn’t mix them up by mistake or by some sort of lack of understanding of how things are.  So He understands human life.  He knows what we need, both how much we need of it and what quality of it we need.

A lot of religions don’t see God as being very practical.  Their traditions and ceremonies put God in a straight jacket so that He can’t even move.  Now, I don’t mean that God doesn’t have standards.  He does.  He gave us the Commandments so that we’d know what He expects of us and then He gave us the life of Jesus as an example so we’d know how to come up higher and live better.  If we could just learn to be nice and live the way Jesus taught, this world would be a lot nicer place.

Our governments have created so many laws.  There must be thousands of them.  Why do we need so many?  Because people don’t keep the first Ten Laws that were given to man.  Just think of it.  Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule.  If everyone would just live those things, we wouldn’t have any more crime.  We could send our police force out to just help people in need and all the soldiers could go home or start building houses instead of doing what they’re doing.  People would learn how to live.  To live in accordance with those divine laws is what it means to be truly alive, truly a human being, living in a good relationship with all mankind and with God our Father.

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