Living in God’s presence

In these present times, it’s so easy to get caught up in worry.  A lot of people that I know are worried about the future, worried about their money and their retirement.  They worry about getting loans, worry about whether their money is safe.  I was thinking about that.  Sometimes I find myself worrying also but the Lord showed me that it’s a trap.  There is no time but the present.  The past is finished.  Can you change it?  No.  All you can do is ask God to forgive you for mistakes and pray that He will make up the difference and fix up anything that you can’t personally fix.  The future doesn’t yet exist so what can you do about that?  I can’t take care of tomorrow’s problems today.  I can’t run into that future and change it or make it conform to anything that I want.  All I can do is live in the moment.  Right now I can do a lot.  I connect with God right now.  I can pray for others, ask Him how to handle the situations that I have right now and I can ask Him to continue guiding me so that when the future comes, I’ll be ready for it.

If I’m living in the present in connection with God then I’m truly alive because it’s His life in me that’s acting and speaking.  If I’m living in the past or worrying about the future, then I’m not really alive.  I’m just a semblance of aliveness.  When I’m living in the present, I can get all kinds of thoughts and inspirations for my life and for helping others.  Life is more exciting that way.  It’s a real adventure!